Stories From the Farm and Ranch

New to the collection—a big handful of colorful stories from "Dawson, Holenbeck, and Hund."

The number of stories available from each person is indicated in parenthesis. Click on the individual's name to hear more.

Martin Gnadt: Sonny Boy (4)
Alma, Kansas, 2017

Bill Brethour: Milk Fever (6)
Alma, Kansas, 2018

Gene Barr: Bachelors and Burning (3)
Morris County, Kansas, 2019

Jackie Hett: Pulling Calves (4)
Marion County, Kansas, 2019

Kenny Stahl: Cowboyin' and Stuff (8)
Strong City, Kansas, 2019

Pat Sauble: Open Range (1)
Newton, Kansas, 2019

Bill Schwalm: Moving Cattle (1)
Alma, Kansas, 2018

Tom Burton: Five and a Half Days (4)
Matfield Green, Kansas, 2019

Tony Meseke: Go Devil (8)
Volland, Kansas, 2019

Gary Schultz: Sale Barn Wisdom (5)
Alma, Kansas, 2019

Evelyn Zeckser and Mary Schultz: Laundry Day (5)
Alma, Kansas, 2019

Louis Surber: Broken Strings (3)
Eureka, Kansas, 2019

Paul Seeley: Seventy-five Miles (4)
Eureka, Kansas, 2019

Marcia and Wayne Bailey: Rancher/Cowboy (4)
Matfield Green, Kansas, 2019

Annie Wilson: The Dog that Stood in the Gate (1)
More from Annie coming soon!

Dennis Hague and Piper Hayes: A Good Hand (3)
Matfield Green, Kansas, 2019

Bev Walker Hedrick: Bib Overalls (2)
Matfield Green, Kansas, 2019

Jim Hoy: Buckshot (9)
Cassoday, Kansas, 2020

Clint Huntington: Twenty-five Minutes (4)
Eureka, Kansas, 2021

Cleo Schultz: Rodeo Tales (3)
Alma, Kansas, 2021

Bobby Meseke: Piss and Vinegar (3)
Alma, Kansas, 2021

Pandemic Follow-up Series
Created in partnership with the Smithsonian Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage.

Josh, Gwen, and Josie Hoy  •  Jim Hoy  •  Bill Brethour
Evelyn Zeckser and John Hund  •  Dennis Hague and Piper Hayes

The number of stories available from each person is indicated in parenthesis. Click on the individual's name to hear more.

Donita Rogers: The Mailbox Man (7)
Strong City, Kansas, 2021

Irlene Huntington: Don't Forget (3)
Greenwood County, Kansas, 2021

Carol Feyh and Carol Michaelis: Just What You Did (5)
McFarland, Kansas, 2021

Irene Thoes: Had to be Done (5)
Wamego, Kansas, 2021

Eula Barrett: Shorty (6)
Chase County, Kansas, 2021

Jackie Seeley: My Inspiration (4)
Eureka, Kansas, 2021

Pat Surber: Cowboy Beans (7)
Eureka, Kansas, 2021

Wayne Bailey and Clint Huntington: It's Wayne!
It is fun to hear the same story from different perspectives.

Betty Brungardt: The Dirty Thirties (1)
Catharine, Kansas, 1985

Ivan and Jeanie Seele: No One Was Bored (16)
Alma, Kansas, 2022

Dawson, Holenbeck, and Hund: Dusty (15)
Alma, Kansas, 2023

Lanny Ellis: The Picture (6)
Alma, Kansas, 2023

Lesline and Bowen: Big as a Bedsheet (14)
Alma, Kansas, 2022



A Conversation with Bill Haw
Filmed for the Pioneer Bluffs Center for Flint Hills Ranching Heritage.

In partnership with Pioneer Bluffs Flinthills Ranching Heritage Center, we were awarded a generous grant from the Trusler Foundation of Emporia, Kansas, to record twenty subjects. The effort resulted in the most stories we've collected in a single push!

We are behind on editing. We prioritized publishing one example from each storyteller. As the complete collection of stories from an individual becomes available, their name will change to a link.

Glenn and Virginia Czirr: Rocket Eighty-Eight
Alma, Kansas, 2023

John Wilson: Eunice Young
Matfield Green, Kansas, 2023

Bobby Hammond: Rest Up
Emporia, Kansas, 2023

Bill Browning: Antenna
Matfield Green, Kansas, 2023

Sylvia Brethour: A Makeshift Situation
Maple Hill, Kansas, 2023

Jimmy Craig: Tall Mike Johnson
Overland Park, Kansas, 2023

Harry Whitney: The Flashlight
Alma, Kansas, 2023

Dick Poovey: Old Dusty
Alma, Kansas, 2023

Charlie White: I Made My Mark
Wamego, Kansas, 2023

Dan Nurnberg: Gates
Saffordville, Kansas, 2023

Rich Porter: Out of Control
Reading, Kansas, 2023

Frank and Margaret Mary Buchman: Wannabe Cowboy
Alma, Kansas, 2023

Verne Claussen: A Dollar Seventy-Five
Alma, Kansas, 2023

Mel Stout: The Hill Farm
Alma, Kansas, 2023

Bill Hatcher: A Late Burn
Strong City, Kansas, 2023

Gary Rieck: Seventy Years
Osage County, Kansas, 2023

Milton Claassen: Unraked Hay
Newton, Kansas, 2023

Jim Mertz: One Hundred Strands of String
Alma, Kansas, 2023

Farabi, Dillinghams, Diepenbrocks,
and Redmons: Just Shoot 'em!

Wabaunsee County, Kansas, 2023



In partnership with Ranchland Trust of Kansas, we were awarded a Cultural Preservation Grant from Humanities Kansas—to collect more good stories while exploring the timely and important topic of grassland conservation. The conservation conversations, longer in format, are presented here. To hear the rest of the stories, click on the person's name (the number available is indicated in parenthesis).

Glenn Walker: That Mile and a Half (7)
Brookville, Kansas, 2024

Matt and Tom Perrier: About All That's Left (5)
Greenwood County, Kansas, 2024

Bill Sproul: A Pair of Gloves and a Shovel (3)
Sedan, Kansas, 2024

Heather Fuesz and Irlene Huntington: There's a Reason Why (4)
Eureka, Kansas, 2024

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Grant funded segments:

Filmed in collaboration with Pioneer Bluffs and the Wabaunsee County Historical Society and Museum. Funded in large part by Humanities Kansas.

Gene Barr; Jackie Hett; Kenny Stahl; Pat Sauble; Tom Burton; Tony Meseke; Gary Schultz; Evelyn Zeckser and Mary Schultz; Lois Surber; Paul Seeley; Martcia and Wayne Bailey; Annie Wilson; Dennis Hague and Piper Hayes; and Bev Walker Hedrick

Filmed in collaboration with Pioneer Bluffs and the Wabaunsee County Historical Society and Museum. Funded in large part by Humanities Kansas.

Donita Rogers; Irlene Huntington; Carol Feyh and Carol Michaelis; Irene Thoes; Eula Barrett; Jackie Seeley; and Pat Surber

Filmed in collaboration with Pioneer Bluffs and the Wabaunsee County Historical Society and Museum. Funded in large part by the Trusler Trusler Foundation with additional financial support from the Wabaunsee County Historical Society and Museum.

Glenn and Virginia Czirr; John WIlson; Bobby Hammond; Bill Browning; Sylvia Brethour; Jimmy Craig; Harry Whitney; Dick Poovey; Charlie White; Dan Nurnberg; Rich Porter; Frank and Margaret Mary Buckman; Verne Claussen; Mel Stout; Bill Hatcher; Gary Rieck; Milton Claussen; Jim Mertz; and group Farabi, Dillingham, Diepenbrock, Redmon

Filmed in collaboration with Ranchland Trust of Kansas. Funded in large part by Humanities Kansas.

Glenn Walker; Bill Sproul; Matt and Tom Perrier; and Heather Fuesz and Irlene Huntington

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