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Martin Gnadt: A Good Horse (4)
Alma, Kansas, 2017

Bill Brethour: Milk Fever (6)
Alma, Kansas, 2018

Bill Schwalm: Moving Cattle (2+)
Alma, Kansas, 2018

* Tony Meseke: Go Devil (8)
Volland, Kansas, 2019

* Gary Schultz: Sale Barn Wisdom (5)
Alma, Kansas, 2019

* Evelyn Zeckser and Mary Schultz: Laundry Day (5)
Alma, Kansas, 2019

Bill Glotzbach: Prisoners of War! (1)
Alma, Kansas, 2018

These films are the result of a collaboration between Mark Feiden and the Wabaunsee County Museum and Historical
They have become part of a larger initiative: Emil Redmon's Cow. Though slowed by concerns about COVID, this is
an ongoing effort. If you know an older county resident who has some stories to tell, give us a shout!

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* These 3 interviews are part of Tallgrass Tales—a pilot project made possible by a grant from Humanities Kansas,
and in partnership with Pioneer Bluffs and the Wabaunsee County Historical Society and Museum.

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